Bring your coffee and join us downstairs in the Youth Room from 9:30-10:20am each Sunday Morning from early September to mid June each year.


#1: God of Creation

A study of Genesis 1-11. Genesis is the foundation of biblical worldview and theology. It helps answer the fundamental questions of "Where did we and our world come from?", "What is the function and design of nature and ourselves and our families?", "Why is there evil, corruption, and imperfection?", "What will be done to    redeem and restore our fallen world?", "Who is God?", "How do we relate to Him?", and many more. This class will be a Bible study lead by Vivien Sharp and Donovan Neufeldt in which we will watch a video presentation one week and then engage in guided collaborative study and discussion the next.


Speaking in public? Flying? Snakes? Heights? Being Alone?

When Bob Reccord and Randy Singer posed that simple question across North America, none of these was the answer they heard most often. Instead, the most common response given strikes deep into the heart of us:

“My greatest fear is coming to the end of life without making a significant difference.”

In the following study, you’ll see these biblical truths with flesh and bone on them. You’ll discover:

1. God prepared a unique plan and calling for you life even before you were born.

2. God calls you to a life changing relationship with Him through Jesus Christ.

3. God calls you to partner with Him in a mission that is bigger than you are.

4. God calls you to be on mission with Him right where you are—starting now.

5. God reveals His mission through His Word, His Spirit, wise counsel, and His work in circumstances around you.

6. God will repeatedly bring you to a crossroads of choice as He forges you for His mission.

7. God guides and provides for your mission on step at a time.

8. When you answer God’s call, you will experience His pleasure and change your world.